The mysterious and notoriously elusive clitoral orgasm- and let's be honest, the vagina in general– has been a topic of scientific confusion for as long as people have been getting it on, aka forever. Just last year scientists posited that the infamous G-spot doesn't even exist.  This, in my personal experience, is a ridiculous theory. There is something to be said for the idea that even though many people with vaginas testify that they have, in fact, had orgasms from the titillation of the g-spot, it apparently does not exist,  some would even venture to say that it is a right, yet scientists are trying to figure out if its even a possibility. Is the feminine mystique at it again? 

Studies have been conducted wherein people with vaginas have affirmed that they have in fact had orgasms from penetration alone. Though, I know some vagina carriers who would vehemently claim that this is impossible, people have been known to orgasm from nipple and ear play. There is an entire genre of sex that doesn't require touching at all. One can reach the peak by simply being talked through it or even just thinking up to it like Lady Gaga does. So if all of this achievable then why is it that science has proclaimed it a myth? I actually have no idea BUT I do have an idea about the vaginal orgasm itself.

 I think the answer to this is the all encompassing universal creator. We'll refer to this entity as Aeuc. Having made vaginas, Aeuc understands that, although a orgasm does not have to happen in order for the egg to be fertilized, it is a pretty amazing bonus.

The feeling of orgasm is describe most often as the most free and uninhibited sense of happiness ever. One feels on top of the world. One feels almighty. To get a bit religious, in classical hinduism, the feeling of ultimate bliss is described with the word ananda. You experience ananda when you orgasm.

Some of the strongest reported vaginal orgasms come in multiples and some people with vaginas even pass out for some seconds at a time directly following orgasm. So taking these two points, in my sort of sloppily piled religious yet spiritual personal philosophy, the mystery of the G-spot and the vaginal orgasm can all be explained in this way: when the G-spot is located and touched in just the right way, it will coax the body, mind, and soul into climax. In the lead up to the peak of this climax, everything falls away. At the very top of the orgasm, after everything else that is tangible and earthly has fallen away, the soul alone experiences ananda or ultimate bliss. In that moment the soul feels what the Aeuc experiences all of the time.

For example, we no longer feel our hands wrung in the sheets or recognize the source of stimulation. All that we are truly aware of is the soul being the epicenter of explosion because that happiness is unfathomable in human form, the soul for a lack of a better word, falls back into earthly bodies. This happens to people who experience orgasms from the stimulation of the penis, too, but vaginas are unique because they can experience multiple consecutive orgasms. Using a situational version of the transitive property, this means that people with vaginas have the ability to experience ananda for a longer period of time/ more often than those without. Make any sense at all?

Either way, the g-spot was probably just another myth to keep the meninists down.