The Importance of Being Earnest

In this world of hyper-connection are we really communicating or just faking it until we make it?  In this day and age we are so used to super pooper fast communication. If my phone dies I can just hop on my iPad or laptop and tweet bae or use someone else's phone to log onto Instagram and make sure it stays on fleek. But what happens when we become so accustomed to this form of communication? Do our likes translate to like-liking someone, does the heart eye emoji really express the doe-eyed look that you give when you see someone you'd love to hold hands with? Is there a way to be earnest over the internet or is that the one thing that is going to keep face to face communication and hand written letters breathing?

As president of the unrequited love club (I was elected after Reading Romeo and Juliette at age 9) I think its really important to hold someone's hand and look into their eyes and tell them what you feel even if it's telling them that you adore their shoes! You simply cannot do that on the internet. There isn't an equivalent to handing a messenger a quickly but neatly hand written letter expressing your deepest emotions to your beloved to be carried in a hand made leather satchel at breakneck speed atop a trusty steed. Not even Quickness will do that. So what is a social media equivalent to plain old telling it like it is? Do favorites and likes translate to like-liking people and if you post enough comments on your beloved's selfie will they get the picture? I'm not sure there is one. I think we aren't mind readers and should probably just keep it real. 

I know, I know. There is so much potential heartbreak when you are that straight forward with someone because of the power dynamic that revealing your feelings creates. That's what's so wonderful about it though, that vulnerability is what makes it worth it. You want to be able to trust that person and being that straightforward sets that precedent. Let's say that a relationship blossoms from this first encounter, all of a sudden you've set a beautiful no bullshit bar pretty high up there so that your partner knows that you wont be having any of their bs. This seems like a win to me.


P.S.  Yes I do know that the book is about being named Ernest. That could work too.